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November 4, 2008
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    Janelle's mom was hard at work in the kitchen, chopping up various vegetables an what not for dinner she was preparing. She put her knife down an wiped a little bit of sweat from her forehead, than cleaned her hands on her black apron that she wore. Her head turned towards the door as she heard a smacking sound.

"Whats for dinner mom?" Janelle stood in the doorway, smacking her lips an chewing her gum.

"Just making some roast beef an mashed potato's, your favorite." She replied.

"Oooh that does sound good, thats just what the gum you gave me tastes like." Janelle rubbed her belly an looked at her mom. "I thought you said it was blueberry gum though."

Her mom smiled an walked over to Janelle, "Are you sure you cant taste it yet?"

"MMMMM there it is! Wow its so intense!" She started to gulp down mouthfulls of juice.

"Ah thats better, now it tastes like blueberry?" Her mom reached up an put her finger on Janelles blue nose.

"Mhm yes it tastes very much like blueberry, its so juicy!" Janelle rubbed her stomach some more, looking at her moms grin grow wider.

"I cant wait to have my very own giant Janelle berry!" Her mom started to poke at Janelles belly which was starting to bloat under her shirt.

Janelles eyes widened an looked at her mom. "Become your own berry?? What are you talking about??" Her shirt untucked itself as Janelles belly started to inflate, her pants tightened around her fattening legs, she looked down at her new growing body as her mom just stood and giggled.

"Thats it honey, your going to be big and ripe for mommy." Janelles mom smiled an stood back a little to watch her daughters growth. Her belly was getting so big an round that it started to stretch out her shirt till it rolled up under her growing breasts, exposing her deep bellybutton.

"Oh my! Your bellybutton is showing dear." Her mom pushed her finger into Janelles inflating belly, wiggling her fingertip around her daughters navel. Janelles couldnt help but giggle an shake her giant frame, her skin was so tight making her ticklish spot even more sensitive.

"Mom get your finger hehe out of hehe there!! Hehee that tickles!!" Janelles huge body was quivering as she laughed, her breasts were overflowing her tight bra an stretched shirt, making it look like a very small bikini top across her giant blue body, her jeans were having a hard time staying on her round legs an started to pull her zipper down, letting her belly swell outwards even farther.

Janelles mom laughed an pushed her bellybutton again "Hehe look at my giant daughter! She is turning into a wonderful blueberry!" Janelle giggled as her arms stuck out to her sides due to her giant hips an breast, she was becoming one giant blue orb right in front of her mom. Janelle blushed as her shirt tore into two pieces draping off of her swollen arms, her jeans shared a similar fate an tore down the seams, exposing her fat blue lower half.

"Your almost ripe enough to eat!" Her mom laughed, watching Janelles legs an arm sink into her giant blue body, her plump hands an feet wiggled as her moms  fingertip traced around her giant navel, she could feel Janelle filling up to the brim with juice now.

"Ripe enough to eat??" Janelle moaned out of her puffy lips as her neck disappeared into her breast. Her bellybutton bloating out into an outtie with a soft pop. "But mom Im so big an full, I feel like Im going to burst!!"

"Hehe your not going to burst silly, Im just in the mood for some blueberry an your perfect!" Janelles moms eyes sparkled as she watched her daughters body begin to shake an get smaller. Janelle was still blue an round bt she began to shrink down towards the floor.

"Mom whats happening to me?? Im shrinking!!" Her little hands started to flap around as she shrunk tinier an tinier untill she was the size of an actual blueberry, Janelles mom picked her up in her hand an smiled at her shrunken little blueberry daughter.

"Mmmm perfect" Janelles mom popped her blueberry daughter into her mouth an smiled. "Oh an you taste so good!" She giggled an rubbed her belly, not noticing that her nose had a blue spot on it.
i wrote a quick story, just messin around with some ideas, didnt feel like doin a juicing scene either so i went with a really different ending
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